Geaney's Kitchen Design Gallery

Welcome to the Kitchen Design Cork Gallery of Geaney's Kitchens. This web page consists of photos of the most recent kitchen design projects that our team have been involved with. Although most projects are situated in county Cork, we have also carried out kitchen design in our neighbouring counties of Kerry, Limerick and Waterford. The team at Geaney's Kitchens are all time served professionals and are dedicated in providing top class service and the finest quality kitchens. In each and every project that we are involved with, you can be assured that the kitchen design and installation undertaken will meet all your requirements and aspirations.

Photos of our Fitted Kitchens

Below is a sample of the fitted kitchen projects carried by the team at Geaney Kitchens. Click on the small thumb nail photos below to see the larger image.

Kitchens 01 Kitchens 02 Kitchens 04 Kitchens 05 Kitchens 06
Kitchens 08 Kitchens 09 Kitchens 10 Kitchens 11 Kitchens 12
Kitchens 13 Kitchens 14 Kitchens 15 Kitchens 16 Kitchens 17
Kitchens 18 Fitted Kitchens 01 Fitted Kitchens 02 Fitted Kitchens 03 Fitted Kitchens 04
Fitted Kitchens 05 Fitted Kitchens 06 Fitted Kitchens 07 Fitted Kitchens 08 Fitted Kitchens 09
Fitted Kitchens 10 Fitted Kitchens 11 Fitted Kitchens 12 Fitted Kitchens 13 Fitted Kitchens 14
Fitted Kitchens 15 Fitted Kitchens 16 Fitted Kitchens 17  Kitchen Doors 01  Kitchen Doors 02
Kitchen Island 01 Kitchen Island 02 Kitchen Island 03 Kitchen Island 04 Kitchen Island 05
Kitchen Showroom 01 Wine Rack 02      

Geaney Kitchens Contact Details

You can contact Geaney Kitchens by any of the following means;

Name: Haulie Geaney

Telephone: 021 438 1502     Mobile: 087 220 8862

Address: Geaney Kitchens, Coolflugh, Tower, Blarney, Co.Cork

Email: or by clicking to our contact page