Bespoke Kitchens

We are experts in designing bespoke kitchens for our ever increasing customer base. With more than 35 years experience the team at Geaney Kitchens are able to plan, supply and install a wide selection of bespoke kitchen designs that will suit every budget as well as a wide variety of tastes.

In each project undertaken by our team, we will always put our clients preferences first. From the concept or first plan of a your kitchen design to the finished product we will always cater for our customers wishes and choice.

Geaney Kitchens Contact Details

You can contact Geaney Kitchens by any of the following means;

Name: Haulie Geaney

Telephone: 021 438 1502     Mobile: 087 220 8862

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Address: Geaney Kitchens, Coolflugh, Tower, Blarney, Co.Cork



Bespoke Kitchens Cork and Beyond

Our bespoke kitchens have graced numerous homes throughout Cork and beyond. We have installed and designed several bespoke kitchen designs in Cork city apartments, as well as 3, 4 and 5 storey homes throughout the county.

You can see some of the latest kitchen designs and installations that Geaney kitchens have provided during the past couple of years. To view the images below simply click on any of the thumbnail photos below.


Bespoke Kitchen Designs

We are very proud of our expertise when it comes to bespoke kitchen designs All customers that have requested a bespoke kitchen have always been impressed by the finished product and are more than happy at how their new kitchen will blend into the overall ambience of their home.

Photos of our Fitted Kitchens

Below is a sample of the fitted kitchen projects carried by the team at Geaney Kitchens. Click on the small thumb nail photos below to see the larger image.

Kitchens 01 Kitchens 02 Kitchens 04 Kitchens 05 Kitchens 06
Kitchens 08 Kitchens 09 Kitchens 10 Kitchens 11 Kitchens 12
Kitchens 13 Kitchens 14 Kitchens 15 Kitchens 16 Kitchens 17
Kitchens 18 Fitted Kitchens 01 Fitted Kitchens 02 Fitted Kitchens 03 Fitted Kitchens 04
Fitted Kitchens 05 Fitted Kitchens 06 Fitted Kitchens 07 Fitted Kitchens 08 Fitted Kitchens 09
Fitted Kitchens 10 Fitted Kitchens 11 Fitted Kitchens 12 Fitted Kitchens 13 Fitted Kitchens 14
Fitted Kitchens 15 Fitted Kitchens 16 Fitted Kitchens 17  Kitchen Doors 01  Kitchen Doors 02
Kitchen Island 01 Kitchen Island 02 Kitchen Island 03 Kitchen Island 04 Kitchen Island 05
Kitchen Showroom 01 Wine Rack 02